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01 February 2011 @ 02:30 pm
Well, I need to get back on here. Its been almost 5 months since I posted.
I have still managed to keep my job and still work. It is raining here while the rest of the people on LJ I know get the blizzard. Trips planned are Nashville and St Louis this year.
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22 August 2010 @ 08:16 pm
Now that I got your attention, I had a interesting experience Friday. I got my Prince Albert in April and it was a 12G CBR. I wanted to stretch to a 10 G and found the jewelry and decided that I was going to change it out. I got my pliers out and took the old ring out and I could not get the new ring in. I tried to put the old one back in and could not get it back in. I had to return to the office but I called to see if the piercer that did my piercing was in the shop. I went in after work to see if he could get the ring and to my amazement, the PA hole had shrunk down to a 14G within 4 hours. We had to put the taper back in to get the hole back to a 12 and it felt like I was repierced. The new ring has a heavy ball on it. It feels real good with the extra weight. I am guessing I was not fully healed up. It sucks to be a diabetic.....
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11 August 2010 @ 01:12 pm

If you have not seen this, have a laugh......

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10 August 2010 @ 02:33 pm
Well, I realized that I have been all over Facebook instead of LJ and decided to update this thing.
July 20 was my one year anniversary with my job and I am still looking forward to more things to come.

My job has me traveling to the burgeoning city of Knoxville, TN on Sept 28-October 1. The State chapter of APA is having its annual meeting and I now work for a agency that has a travel budget. I missed my chance to go to New Orleans in April because I forgot about the conference. Next year, the conference will be in Boston in April. Looks like I will travel on Saturday and be there until Tuesday so I need some travel pointers of where to go. The Ramrod sounds like a interesting place to go but I have to figure out how to walk out of the hotel in Leather!!!

I will be trying to get more disciplined and post at least one time a week.
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29 June 2010 @ 02:33 pm
So far the year is half way completed and I have yet to have a sexual encounter in 2010. I am thinking I need to talk to a therapist because of my whirlwind mind and all. I post provocative pictures of myself and then when I get a response or two, I do not answer them.
Maybe I am a tease times 100. I get scared of getting hurt emotionally and sexually as well as physically.

Anybody else have this happen to them?

I am serious about this post as well.
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25 June 2010 @ 09:27 am
I guess my addiction to facebook has caused me to neglect this page. I promise to be better with more in depth postings here than on facebook.

Last night I was watching a show on TLC called "Real Police Women of Memphis". Some of the BS the cops get called on is amazing like the lady that called the police becuase she did not get the washing machine her aunt left for her. However, I saw someone I know of on TV and it is gay domestic violence.

Yes, the international debut of Thomas aka Tatiana. And as you can see here, he is a hot mess 24/7.
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19 May 2010 @ 11:38 am
Ok, I know the headline looks bad but this is why I had to post. Last night I come home and my best friend is in tears. I said whats wrong and he told me he had way bad news. We go in and he tells me a mutual acquaintance just found out they are HIV+. He was very upset because he was in a realtionship with this person 15 years ago and cared about them very much.
Then he blames this guy that he paid $250.00 and a fifth of booze to have sex with him. We sat down and had some beers and had a group pow wow with "The Circle".

The trick we knew had also slept with this M-F Transexual so we called her to notify her but she said he used protection with her. My friend also could verify about him using protection. The conversation then turned to the acquaintance being a drama queen and using the trick as the scape goat. Basically, the acquaintance has two roommates that are POZ also and being the lovely addicted homos they are with booze, crack and weed, they sometimes rumble against one another. Plus, the acquaintance sleeps with some nasty folks.

The folks we knew bascally laughed at the situation because we speculate that he was already POZ but did not tell anyone until he found a convienient person to blame. Plus the person also likes to start up stuff. This news had all of us drinking on a week night and that is something we never do unless we are under duress.

I am NOT laughing about this persons situation, but I have buried a roommate and 4 friends because of this.

I am like why do people like to stir shit? WHY????????
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12 May 2010 @ 11:15 am
The weatherman on tv in Nashville adds his own spin on the flooding up there.
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29 April 2010 @ 04:05 pm

This was one of the early advertisements of people trying to be hip. I wonder how many people in this ad are still alive. This was done in the late 80's. I used to call it Rheumatism Nissan.

And they are thinking of bringing it back.
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